Setup CatchOn using Web Content Filter Plugin

You will need to fill in the information in the open fields and create/upload a PLIST file for the remaining information.  You will need the following information from CatchOn:

  • the Plugin bundle
  • user name
  • Web Security Key

Using the above information from CatchOn follow the following instructions:

  • In Device Console go to Network Profiles and either click on the name of an existing profile or select Add to create a new profile. Screen_Shot_2022-04-07_at_1.46.08_PM.png
  • Now go to the Web content filter plugin tab.Screen_Shot_2022-04-07_at_1.46.36_PM.png
  • Fill in the following fields:
    • Name (can be anything)
    • Plugin Bundle
    • User name
      • Can be a variable
        • $udid: substitute the UDID of the device
        • $email: substitute the user's email address as defined by their username in the School Users list for the associated user
    • SKIP the password field.
    • SKIP the Server address field
    • SKIP Organization field
  • Put a check in the Filter Browsers Box
  • Put a check in the Filter sockets Box


  • Create a PLIST (XML) file that looks like this but substitutes the Web Security Key with the proper information.
<plist version="1.0">
<string>(Web Security Key)</string>
  • Once the file is created > Select Choose File in the tab
  • Select Save

Now your Tab should look something like this:Screen_Shot_2022-04-07_at_1.36.26_PM.png

If it is a new Network profile, in the Device Console, please go to Network Profiles > Group Assignment tab > put a check in the box next to the device group(s) that you want to assign this profile > select the Assign button > Select the new profile


If it is an existing network profile already assigned to devices groups staying in that Network profile go to the Profile Details Tab and select the Save & Apply to assigned groups button.



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