Getting started with Dyknow Classroom Management - Teacher training

Dyknow is a cloud-based classroom management solution that helps teachers monitor student device activity, minimize digital distractions, and keep students focused during class. 

This document is a resource for Dyknow Teacher training.


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Staff Login

Teachers and other faculty members using Dyknow will log in to the Dyknow portal ( via the web browser.

There are 2 ways to login:

  1. If your staff email address is stored in the Google Admin Console (Google Workspace), use the Sign in with Google button.
  2. Otherwise, use the standard login School Email and Password fields after you've set your own password.

Student Login

Students will never log in to the Dyknow portal. However, student data is stored in Dyknow because students are identified in a monitoring session based on their local device username (email address).

My Classes

The My Classes page, which appears after logging into Dyknow, serves as a dashboard for Dyknow Teachers. This is where teachers will find their current class assignments and can begin a monitoring session.


Monitoring student device activity can be done anytime during school days/hours (the Blackout Settings managed by your Dyknow Administrator). Monitoring can also be done anywhere, assuming your Dyknow Administrator has not added IP Restrictions).

Teachers can monitor the students listed on an assigned class roster once those:

  • Student devices have Dyknow installed;
  • Students are logged onto their devices with the same unique username (email address) that we have for them in Dyknow; and,
  • Student devices are connected to the internet.

Learn more in our Monitoring Overview article.

Blocking plans

Dyknow Blocking Plans allow teachers to restrict student access to selected websites and/or applications during a monitoring session, minimizing digital distractions and keeping students focused during class.

Learn more in our Blocking Plans Overview article.

Class History

Dyknow Class History contains all monitored student device activity.

Whether students are physically in the classroom or learning remotely, all monitored student device activity is tracked and stored in Dyknow Class History! So teachers can interact with students - instead of watching their screens - throughout class.

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