How does the pre-approved visitor list work?

The pre-approved visitor list is a great way for schools to ensure that only visitors vetted by them are allowed entry to the campus. If they are present on the list Visitor approves them immediately and provides them the guest pass. 

  1. To create a pre-approved list of visitors, the first thing you need to do is switch on the feature by navigating to “Kiosk settings”.                                                                                                                      feature.png
  2. After that go to “List settings”to upload a CSV with the guests’ details such as name, date of birth, and school they are to be approved to enter. Click “Add pre-approved visitor” button to proceed. listing.png
  3. You can download a sample CSV and edit it with your list of visitors. Make sure you input all the details as provided in the sample CSV for a seamless experience. correct_data.png
  4. You can also add guests manually one guest at a time and modify them from the “List Settings” tab. adding_manual_-_csv.png
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