What's New in Classroom 8.2

This release is a minor update with only bug fixes in Nucleus UI:

  • Sometimes navigating to Weblinks > Blocklists would display blank 
  • Sometimes adding a new web link would fail with the error "Failed to add weblink"
  • Trying to save a block list without adding any sites would result in an error
  • The field "location for imported teachers" was missing in Nucleus UI
  • Exporting Class Session History could result in a 405 error
  • Cloning a block list would sometimes fail
  • Holidays added to the calendar could not be removed
  • Toggling lost mode would appear not to save unless the page was refreshed
  • The Class Session History list would not advance past the first page
  • Errors with uploading users from CSV were resolved
  • If coursework items were removed from a Class, the did not automatically get removed from the list in Classroom
  • Cloning a web link would sometimes cause an error
  • After recovering a lost device, it could not be deleted from the table
  • The option for "Notify and allow use" for lost device settings could not be toggled
  • For Google Coursework sync, items of type "Material" were not syncing
  • Adding a student to a manual class could fail
  • Sometimes the details for a rostered student would be blank until page refresh
  • Newly created block lists would not show in the table unless an admin edited it
  • Sort by date was not working on class history page unless the page was refreshed
  • Searching by first name for device console users was not working
  • Notification was not showing to indicate when a student was no in class due to IP address range restriction
  • The Allow and Block Lists areas were allowing duplicate URLs to be entered
  • When creating a web link and clicking Cancel, the web link would still be saved
  • The Locations list was not updating after adding a new location
  • The setting for "force chat window to open" was not working on Nucleus
  • Issues with selecting OUs when linking to Google were resolved
  • Teachers were not getting the notification indicator on the chat bubble for new messages
  • Importing users from Google Directory into manual classes was not working
  • The date column was missing from the coursework table
  • When applying a filter to the web links table, it was not being remembered for the next time
  • The option to print screenshots from the rostered student history was missing
  • The last sync date for lost chrome devices was not correct in detail view, only table view
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