Release notes - (March 2022)

Inconsistent OU selection behavior

The Manage OU sections on the Staff, Aware, and On call pages of the Safety Console, each had different behavior. While one would auto-select the child OU if the parent OU was selected, another feature would allow child and parent OU to be selected independently. 

To rectify that, the parent and child OU selection will be independent of each other across features. This means that when a parent OU is selected the child OU will not be selected by default, and would have to be chosen manually by the admin.

Edge extension filtering issue

It was observed that with Edge Extension when the first time a user attempts to visit a blocked website, the user can access it. If the page is refreshed or a second attempt is made to access it, then it appears blocked as intended. With this fix, if a site is blocked as per filtering rules then the user will not be able to access it even in the first instance.

Custom Group fix

It was reported that a bulk selection of users in a Custom Group with the purpose of removing them was not actually deleting those users from the group. Admin had to select and remove them individually. This has now been fixed so that multiple users can be selected and removed at once.

Allow/Deny list bugs
It was found that the same domain could be added to both the Allow and Deny lists for a policy. This has been fixed and a domain can now be added to only one of the two lists as intended.
We observed that a video embedding website ( from the policy Allow list was being blocked incorrectly if YouTube was present in the policy Deny list. fix
Some schools pointed out that users were getting ad-blocker pop-ups after listening to music on a free account. Music would stop playing once the ad-blocker pop-up appeared. This was caused due to a brokering issue with Pandora URLs and has been fixed.


YouTube bug fixes

  • It was brought to our attention that the Allow/Deny lists were not being honored for YouTube channels and videos when a school had the “Allow only approved content” mode turned on. When a YouTube video or channel is added to the Allow list, but YouTube, in general, is blocked, the allowed videos and channels should be displayed to the user. This was not working as expected.
  • YouTube URLs in the Global Allow list were found to be blocked if YouTube was part of a policy level Deny List. This issue has been fixed and the Global Allow list YouTube URL will be displayed as expected.
  • This fixes the issue with URLs with “ / ” being saved in the YouTube Allow/Block lists as the domain name, instead of the specific URL.



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