How to see a tab that a student just closed

When running a class, you'll may come across a situation where a student is off-task and closes the tab they were on before you realize they were on a non class-related website. If this becomes an issue, you can always see what sites a student has been browsing during a class session in their History.

History is accessed during a class with the history button from tab view or thumbnail view. In detail view, the icon is accessible from the right hand sidebar.


Site history, saved screens, and chat history for the current class session are accessible from this view.

If the class is over, and you want to view a student's history for a past class session, you can do so by going to the Users menu, then the Rostered Students tab, then selecting a student. Browsing history, saved screens, and chat history for past class sessions are accessible from this view. Browsing history is only provided during times a class session is active.

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