How to monitor student screens

Note: Monitoring student screens is only available if enabled by district admins. If you don't see the controls described in this article, your district has disabled this feature.

Student screen thumbnails are visible once a class is started unless an administrator has disabled the screen viewing feature.

If you are in Tab View (seeing only a list of open tabs for each student) and want to switch to Thumbnail View, click the Thumbnail View icon in the upper right.

Monitoring Student Screens 2

Securly Classroom sends a request to devices for a screen update about once every 10 seconds. However, if the device has recently been restarted or asleep, it may take up to 2 minutes for it to begin responding to requests.

Monitoring Student Screens

Student States

Monitoring Student Screens 4

Student is not online will appear when the student's device is not online or not communicating with Securly Classroom.

Monitoring Student Screens 3

This student is excluded from the class can appear when a student was deselected before the class was started, or because their device connected to Securly Classroom but was detected on an outside (non-school) IP address, which typically means they are absent from school and connecting from home or elsewhere. This automatic exclusion from class based on IP address is an optional setting configured in the System submenu under Settings.

Monitoring Student Screens 5

Device online browser not opened will appear when a student is in the class, but their device has not yet connected to Securly Classroom. This state can also appear when a student is viewing an empty tab.

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