Can parents pick up multiple students from school?

Yes, the Visitor self-check-in iPad app allows parents to pick up multiple students. However, it is critical that the guest is able to establish an association with the students they are picking up, or have parental approval to do so. 

Self-check-in through the iPad app

The Visitor check-in process will ask the non-guardian to enter the student’s parent/guardian's name and phone number for verification. 


A one-time password will be sent to the child’s parent/guardian's mobile number and upon successful verification, the guest will be able to pick up the student(s). 


Checking in at the front desk

If the verification fails, the school's front desk staff can allow the guest to pick up the student. Just have the guest check in at the front desk, and staff can enter the necessary exception details in the Securly Visitor web app.



Front desk staff can enter the additional student information from the Visitor web app and allow the non-guardian to pick up the student as an exception, which will be logged.


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