Release notes - Sept 2021

The latest Safety Console release includes the following:

  1. Following on the heels of August's time-based policy feature for Chrome extension users, the time-based policy has been extended to SmartPac and DNS users. It will also be applicable to Axure security group users. However, it should be noted that due to technical limitations it is not possible to switch policies during the same session (particularly for Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter) and apply the time-based policy at a specific time while a browsing session is on. Check out the exceptions that apply for SmartPac and DNS users. 
  2. If a student requests access to a website, that request can be approved or denied by the teacher even if the time-based policy is being applied at that time. However, if the student is not on a school IP, the temporary access permission will not work as that feature is applicable only when users are using the school IP.
  3. We introduce the Securly Edge Extension that extends the benefits of the Chrome Extension to Windows users and helps Securly filter their devices even better. This extension will provide the same features and benefits to Windows users and includes additional Security groups and ADSSO support as well. Please contact our support engineer to learn more and switch over to the extension. 
  4. School admins can now download, email or schedule user activity reports by keyword and sites along with the username. The keyword and sites filter is already available in the Activities tab and this card extends that to downloadable reports.
  5. Please note that the suspicious activity alert email's subject line has been modified to include the OU name or security group name.
  6. It was found that students are able to bypass search term filtering on Google by using the advanced search option. This has been fixed and students will not be able to bypass filtering in this manner.
  7. At times school admins were unable to add YouTube channels with short URLs to the Allow/Block lists in the YouTube settings in the Policy Editor. This has been fixed and both long and short URL channels can be added to the block list now.
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