Release notes - Visitor (Aug - Sept 2021)

The latest Visitor release includes the following:

  1. This card covers multiple features including the health screening feature that would allow schools to set up health screening for visitors coming to the campus. This would be helpful to schools during times such as the ongoing pandemic, or the annual flu season. Check out how to use the health screening feature here.
  2. Schools will be able to make an exception for guests and allow them entry even if they have been denied entry by the Visitor app. The visitor records would display the reason why a guest was denied entry. Learn how to do that.
  3. This release adds the functionality for the district admin role to manage and make changes to school-level settings. This will be particularly useful for smaller schools where each school might not have a school admin role and the district admin must manage Visitor for all their schools. It also provides the ability to use Brick FTP to upload to schools to upload the parent-student mapping CSVs. Learn how to set up FTP account for Visitor here.
  4. The Visitor web app is now equipped with the ability to download guest images and increase the number of "Reasons for visit" to six. The Visitor app also supports a web camera that can be easily configured by the admin. This support allows schools to use other laptops/desktops and not only iPads to capture guests' images.
  5. The badge printing process has also been enhanced such that it is self-serve and the guest is not dependent upon the front desk staff to print their badge.
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