Can front desk staff make exceptions for guests denied entry by Visitor?

Yes, if the front desk staff determines that a guest denied entry by the Visitor app can be allowed into the school campus for any reason, they can choose to make an exception.


Pre-approved visitor exception

If the guest is not present in the pre-approved visitor list, but the front desk staff is satisfied with their credentials, they can make an exception and allow them entry to the campus. 


Non-guardian exception

If the guest is at school to pick up students and is not a registered parent or guardian, but has the necessary credentials to pick up the kids, then the front desk staff can make an exception and allow entry to that guest. 


Sex offender exception

Sometimes, a known sex offender might visit a school for various purposes such as contract work, visiting faculty, etc. The front desk staff can choose to make an exception for such guests. If it is a sex offender, the front desk staff would click ‘Match’.  


They would need to input a reason for allowing the guest before printing the badge. 


Health screening exception

If a guest fails the health screening configured by the school for guest check-in, the front desk staff has the discretion to make an exception and allow the guest to enter the premises. They would need to enter the reason for the exception before the guest is allowed entry. 


In all four cases, the visitor records will clearly state that the guest was allowed entry as an exception. 

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