Nucleus UI beta for Classroom Changelog and Known Issues

This document last updated: 11/18/21


11/18/21: Beta 4 Release

Now available in Nucleus

  • My Account
  • Student Detail tab for Rostered Students
  • Completion of Lost Mode
  • New Student History Page is now available when accessing history during class session or choosing the student from the Class Session History list

Fixes and updates

  • Student detail was not showing "last seen online"
  • When using a search term or a filter on a table, then selecting an item from the table to view, returning to the table did not keep the previous filter in place.  The values are now remembered.


10/21/21: Beta 3 Release

Now available in Nucleus

  • Devices
  • Teacher screen share feature (all classroom teacher functions now complete!)
  • Detail view now has expand button to go full screen with student screen image
  • Settings/Google
  • Settings/Roster Integration

New Feature: Zoom in and out: It's now possible to choose the size of the thumbnail or tab view, zooming in to see more detail for each student, or zooming out to see less detail but fit more on the screen due to more columns and rows.  There are three levels of zoom.


9/24/21: Beta 2 Release

New Screens/Features Now Available

  • Create Classes
  • View/Edit Class Details
  • Student List (Users/Rostered Students)
  • Class Session History and Summary
  • Student history for all classes, accessed from Rostered Student list
  • Student History for previous class, accessed from Class Session history
  • Student History from thumbnail, tab, and detail views during active class session
  • Save screen (button on student device detail view)
  • Print from student detail device view

8/31/21: Beta 1 Released!

Known Issues

  • The Block Lists table does not have a column to show the owner, which is helpful for admins (teachers will only see their own).
  • If the browser is refreshed while on the Weblinks page, the browser reloads to the Classes page. A few other pages may also exhibit this behavior.
  • Users in the Technician role are unable to save changes to block lists.

Not Yet Available Features

  • Help
  • Export (for tables)
  • Import users from CSV
  • Dashboard
  • Options to search or filter for only ‘My web links’ when adding sites to a block list
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