Nucleus UI beta for Classroom Changelog and Known Issues

This document last updated: 8/30/21


8/31/21: Beta 1 Released!

Known Issues

  • (9/3) When starting a class, the drop down list for selecting a block list to enforce in the start class options drawer shows all block lists instead of just those that belong to that teacher
  • (9/3) When a teacher applies a block list when starting a class, other user's blocklists are available
  • (9/3) The logout menu option is in French
  • (8/31) If the browser is refreshed while viewing a student screen, a 500 Error might be displayed
  • (8/31) A 500 error might be displayed if opening a class from the active sessions list if browser was refreshed.
  • (8/31) On the detail page the indicator icons for Screen Lock, Site Lock, and Announce are not displayed.
  • The Block Lists table does not have a column to show the owner, which is helpful for admins (teachers will only see their own).
  • In rare cases, adding multiple sites to a block list will produce an error.

  • If the browser is refreshed while on the Weblinks page, the browser reloads to the Classes page. A few other pages may also exhibit this behavior.

  • Users in the Technician role are unable to save changes to block lists.

Not Yet Available Features

  • My Account
  • Help
  • Share Screen
  • Export (for tables)
  • Edit class
  • Edit class color
  • Import users from CSV
  • Chromebook Device hardware detail pages
  • Chromebook Lost Device Recovery
  • Dashboard
  • Clone List (when viewing Block Lists)
  • Users / Students (Rostered Students)
  • Student History view (when in a live class session)
  • Settings: School Schedule
  • Settings: Google
  • Settings: Roster Integration
  • Options to search or filter for only ‘My web links’ when adding sites to a block list

When viewing an individual student’s screen (Detail View)

  • Print
  • Expand (double arrows in bottom right corner)

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