Getting started with the health screening feature

Securly Visitor offers a configurable health screening feature that can help schools identify guests who could potentially pose a health risk. The feature can be switched on or off any time from the Visitor web app, with configurable health screening questions. 

  1. To get started with the feature, log in to the Securly Visitor web app and navigate to Manage > Kiosk settings. Scroll down to ‘Visitor health screen questions’ and toggle the button to enable the feature. vmspk5_2.jpg
  2. Now select the check box for the health questions and type in your question for each one.* 
  3. Next, choose the correct response that you want the guest to select for each question. Only if the guests select your chosen answer for each question will they pass the health screening and go to the next step of guest check-in. 
  4. The questions configured here will be displayed to the guests in the iPad app. 
  5. If a guest fails the health screening, they will be denied entry and asked to talk to the front desk staff. The front-desk staff can decide to either deny entry or make an exception for that guest. vmspk5_10.jpg
  6. The visitor record will indicate if a guest fails the health check and is allowed or denied entry. vmspk5_11.jpg


*Note that both the district admin and school admin can configure the health screening feature. The school admin can override the health screening questions configured by the district admin.

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