Best practices for error-free CSV upload via FTP

If you are using the FTP method to upload parent/student CSVs for Visitor, please read the following guidelines for a seamless experience. 

  1. Install an FTP client (such as FileZilla or WinSCP) on your device.
  2. Before uploading, ensure that the hostname is ‘’.
  3. You will find your username in your Visitor Console. You can also set your password there. changepassftp.jpg
  4. If you encounter problems connecting to the SFTP server, please check your firewall settings and ensure that you have allowed connection to over outbound port tcp/22.
  5. School admins cannot upload CSVs via FTP, but the file uploaded by a school admin via web upload overrides & replaces the file uploaded by FTP. To avoid loss of data, ensure that parent CSVs are managed by designated individuals only and there is coordination between them about all uploads. 
  6. Ensure that the name of your file is ‘parent_student.csv’. Any other file name will cause the file to be deleted. File name is case-sensitive.
  7. If the file's name is ‘parent_student.csv’ but the file is not in CSV format, it will be deleted during the verification process.
  8. You can only upload one file at any given time. If you attempt to upload more than one file, any additional file will be deleted.
  9. Your file should not be more than 30 MB. If you need to upload a bigger file, please contact our support team at
  10. You will experience file processing errors if your CSV does not fulfill any of the following requirements:
    • A header line specifying the name of each column is essential.
    • The header line should include the following titles in the given sequence: Student First Name, Student Last Name, Parent First Name, Parent Last Name, Parent Email, Parent Primary Contact Number, Parent Secondary Contact Number, Relationship, School Name, & School Type**. VMScsvsample.jpg
    • More than one parent email or more than one student email on one line is not allowed. Each CSV line should establish a 1:1 mapping between student and parent.
    • You can use single and double quotation marks in your CSV for individual fields. The text contained within quotation marks even when separated by a comma (,) is treated as one field. Note that a comma within a single quotation mark will lead to an error. 

*Note that we use the SFTP File Protocol to ensure that your file transfers are totally secure.

** Parent Primary Contact Number, Parent Secondary Contact Number are optional. 


WinSCP client exceptions

Before you begin uploading your CSVs, you will need to disable temporary filename creation when transferring your files. To do this:

  1. Navigate to Options > Preferences in your WinSCP client.
  2. Scroll down to Endurance and select Disable under the 'Enable transfer resume/transfer to temporary filename for' field.
  3. Click 'Ok'.             WinScp1.jpg

This is necessary to avoid upload failures caused due to temporary file names that do not match the parent_student.csv filename requirement.

Also, ensure that you close the client after use to avoid sending repeated requests to Securly.


Note that if you are using an automated script to upload your CSVs via WinSCP, the manual settings above might interfere with your script. To avoid this, please add the following to your script.


Input command line to prevent Endurance transfer resume.

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