How to set up your FTP account for uploading CSVs for Visitor?

District admins can upload parent/student information via CSV to Visitor using the FTP upload method. (School admins can only upload this information using the Web Upload method.) This allows you to automate the process of updating the CSVs and saves you the trouble of uploading CSV files manually. 

To upload via FTP, you first need to set up your FTP account.

FTP Setup Steps

  1. Log in to Securly Visitor.
  2. Navigate to Manage > List Settings and click the ‘Enable FTP’ button. vmsenableftp.jpg
  3. Check the ‘After a successful FTP upload, web upload will be disabled’ checkbox. (Note that you cannot go back to web upload after the first file is uploaded via FTP.)
  4. Click ‘Create FTP account’.    vmsenableftp2.jpg
  5. Your username will be auto-created. You can set your password and click ‘Set up’. You can change your password anytime from your ‘Manage’. 
  6. Click the check box for “I read the article and configured my FTP account settings.” vmsenableftp3.jpg
  7. Click ‘Done’

*Note that we use the SFTP File Protocol to ensure your file transfers are totally secure.

If you encounter problems connecting to the SFTP server, please check your firewall settings and ensure that you have allowed connection to over outbound port tcp/22.

You are set to begin using your FTP account to manage your parent/student CSV files.

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