How does self-serve badge printing work for Visitor?

The self-serve badge printing option is designed to reduce dependence on front desk staff for Visitor check-in. 

To use the self-serve option:

  1. Navigate to Manage > Kiosk settings and enable ‘Visitor self-serve badge printing’. vmsselfservebadge.jpg 
  2. The badge printer must be connected to the front desk machine at all times.
  3. The Visitor web app should be logged in and running on the front desk staff’s system at all times. This does not hamper the person’s ability to work on other tasks. 
  4. The Visitor web app should be opened using either the Chrome or Firefox browsers. 
  5. The Dymo driver must be installed. You can find that on the Dymo website and instructions for installation as well - 

You can test if your printer is working at any time, by clicking on the ‘Test printer’ button at the top of the page. The system will check if your browser is supported, the requisite framework is installed, web service is present, and the printer is connected. If all four conditions are fulfilled, the guest will be able to use the self-serve option seamlessly.

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