How does the category lookup tool work?

Securly Filter is equipped with a category lookup tool that can help admins look up the category of any website. The tool is conveniently placed next to the Allow/ Block lists so that an admin can look up a website before determining if it should be added to either of the lists. Sometimes, websites might already be placed in blocked categories, eliminating the need for putting them in the block list separately. 


To check the category of a website,

  1. Log in to Securly Filter.
  2. Navigate to Policy Editor and navigate to any policy. 
  3. Click ‘Category Lookup’. categorylookup1.jpg
  4. Enter the website you want to look up and click ‘Search’. Note that you must enter a valid domain name, keywords and wildcards are not supported by the tool. 
  5. If you do not agree with the category returned by the search, you can also request recategorization by clicking the ‘Request category change’ button. categorylookup2.jpg
  6. To help our team understand your recategorization request you should select the category that you believe fits the website best. And provide any additional comments if required. 
  7. Once your request is received our team will analyze it and take the necessary steps. 

Note that you cannot request recategorization of websites such as or any others that impact the basic browsing for the user or any system-critical functions. 

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