How do I set up Securly Visitor for schools?

A Securly sales representative will onboard your school district to begin using the Visitor management system. Once onboarded, you will get access to the Visitor district admin interface and can begin setting up Visitor for schools within your district. 

To do that login to your Visitor interface and navigate to the Schools page. You can then add schools manually or by uploading a CSV with the relevant information. A sample CSV can be downloaded to ensure that there are no errors while uploading school information in bulk. districtadmin4.jpg

Once uploaded, all schools will be displayed to you under the same tab. You can then go ahead and edit individual schools if required. 

Next, you can add various staff members as either school admins or front desk representatives to manage the working on the Visitor management system for their school on a day-to-day basis. This can be done via the Staff page. It is possible to edit staff details at any time. districtadmin2.jpg

The Manage page then allows you to set up photo capturing and ID scanning permissions for your district. It is recommended that you enable both for maximum student safety. 

On the Manage page you can also configure the reasons for visit for guests, and emergency alert notifications that should be sent out in case a sex offender or other watchlist individual visits the school. Individual school admins can change the content of the alerts for their specific schools if required. districtadmin8.jpg

While school admin can upload student/parent matrixes and watchlists for their schools, it is possible to add them as a district admin while setting up Visitor for schools as well. These lists and fields are editable at any time.  districtadmin6.jpg

Once done, designated school admins and front desk staff will receive access to the Visitor interface.

The final step in the process is settings up iPads with the Visitor app at all your schools. Guests to the school will use this device to check-in as Visitors. School admins and front desk staff can manually check-in guests using their Visitor interface, but it is recommended that you use the Visitor app on an iPad to allow self-check-in for guests. 

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