How to set up a different block list for each class in Securly Classroom


How to use a Block List when starting a Classroom Session


  1. After you click the Start button to start a class you will see the drop-down menu to select a blocklist to use or select none.Drop-down_menu.jpg
  2. Select the block list you would like to use.Choose_list.jpg
  3. After making all other selections for the start of the class, click start.Start.jpg
  4. Now the Classroom session will start with that blocklist being enforced.

How to create or edit a Block List.


  1. In the Device Console select Weblinks > Blocklist tab.Blocklist.jpg
  2. Click on create to create a new block list or click on an existing block list to edit.Click_Blocklist.jpg
  3. Add or delete the URLsEdit_Blocklist.jpgBlock Lists automatically save.
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