What's New In Securly Classroom 7.62


Multiple Block Lists

Teachers can now create multiple custom block lists of sites that should enforced during class sessions and choose which one to enforce when starting or scheduling the class.  Prior to this release only a single custom block list could be created.

Block lists are created and managed from the Block lists tab next to Web links.
When starting or scheduling a class, any of the block lists can be selected to be enforced during the session.



Broadcast Audio during Screen Share

Teachers now have the option to enable audio during screen share sessions. This can be useful for remote teaching when audio is not already provided by a video conferencing tool, allowing the student to hear the teacher during a screen presentation.


Global Allow List

Organization Admins can now configure a list of URLs that should always be allowed, even during Site Lock that would otherwise allow only the configured URL for the Site Lock itself.  This could be useful for two scenarios:

1. To allow sites such as the district LMS (Canvas, Schoology, etc.), the district single-sign-on service, or the district conferencing solution (Meet, Zoom, Teams) at all times

2. To allow common site "dependencies" that would are otherwise added to the dependencies lists for many similar web links in order to allow them to function with Site Lock.  For example, if many web links need "*gstatic.com" or "googleapis.com" added as dependencies, these could be added to organization Allow List instead.  URLs for CDN (content delivery networks) such as "*.cloudfront.net" might also work well here.

Global Allow sites can be added from the "Block/Allow Lists" tab under Settings.


Other Items 

  • Google Meet has been added to the list of Predefined Web Links to assist with setting it up with dependencies for use with Site Lock.
  • When using the search function at the top of the classes table, the teacher name field is now included in the search



  • Fixed issue where site lock with "force close other tabs" would close the browser completely if a another site lock with force close was used in the prior class session and the session ended while the site lock was still active.
  • When adding additional websites manually to a collection, a "failed to access data" error could occur.
  • When sending an announcement, the text would not appear properly if an apostrophe was used.
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