How do I send out alert messages to security staff about suspicious visitors to the school?

If the Visitor app identifies a guest as suspicious - either a sex offender or part of the school watchlist - then the Visitor management system will send out alerts to the security staff and emergency contacts about the guest. 

  1. To do this the school admin would need to have configured the alerts in ‘Security settings’ on the Manage page. districtadmin7.jpg
  2. The school admin can choose either the Emergency alert or Sex offender alert to be sent to the Security Staff and Emergency Contacts. Just type in your message in the text field, select the checkboxes for who you want to send it to, and click Save. 
  3. Whenever a visitor/guest is identified as a sex offender or part of the watchlist, the person is required to go to the front desk and check-in again. If the front-desk admin finds that the person is a sex offender or part of the school watchlist then the front-desk admin can send an alert. 
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