What's New in Securly MDM 7.62


  • It's now possible to add a custom APN for cellular connectivity to a network profile.  Use the Cellular APN tab in the Network Profile area.
  • New iOS restriction: Allow USB Drive file access (iOS 13.1 or higher)
  • New iOS restriction: Allow Network file access (iOS 13.1 or higher)
  • New setting in DEP setup for Mac to skip the accessibility pane (ethernet connected)
  • A new tab next to class apps is now available that lists books assigned to the class
  • Mac Settings profiles have an option to bypass the SecureToken dialog for mobile accounts.  The option is labeled "Ask for SecureToken auth bypass."  This is for macOS 10.13.4 or greater and allows bypassing the prompt "Enter a SecureToken administrator’s name and password to allow this mobile account to log in at startup time."  This dialog can appear on first login when the filesystem is APFS, the Mac is bound to a directory service such as AD or LDAP, and local admin has logged in at least once, and the account currently logging in will be a directory-based mobile account (i.e. it hasn't been created yet and is logging in for the first time).



  • When viewing the an ASM class, the second tab has been renamed from "Class Students" to "Class Roster" because it lists teachers in addition to students.
  • When using the search function at the top of the classes table, the teacher name field is now included in the search
  • The location apps list table now includes a column to show whether auto-update is enabled for an app or not.


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