How to install the Tipline app using Securly MDM?


The Tipline app lets your students, staff and teachers report any incidents of bullying or wrongdoing on your campus anonymously. These tips are shared with our risk assessment team who analyze it for criticality and inform you about it. This is a 24/7 service and ensures reporter anonymity at all times. 

The Tipline app can be installed and pushed out to all your devices easily via MDM. The following are steps to follow for Securly MDM. The process is similar for other MDMs as well. 

  1. Log in to Apple School Manager and go to Apps and Books.
  2. Search for the application Securly Tipline. 01_Tipline_App.png
  3. ‘Purchase’ the application
    1. Select the Location to assign the application
    2. Fill in Quantity
    3. Click the ‘Get’ button 02_Purchase.png
  4. Log in to the Securly Device Console and go to ‘Location’ and select the Location the app is assigned.                                                                                                    03_Location.png
  5. Select Apps > go to iOS Location Apps tab.
  6. Search for the app Tipline 04_Tipline.png
  7. Put a check in the box next to the app  > click the assign button 05_Assign.png
  8. Select the Device Groups you would like to install the app to > click the Assign button 06_Select_device_Groups.png
  9. Now the app is assigned to the devices in the device groups and will begin to install on those devices. 


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