How to set up the website access lookup tool?


The website access lookup tool can be made available to any teachers or staff members in your school. As an admin, you can do this through your Securly Safety Console. 

To so do, 

  1. Log in to your Securly Safely Console and navigate to the Policy Editor.
  2. Select the policy whose users you want to grant access to the website lookup tool. Be careful that you do not select a policy assigned to students. 
  3. Toggle the on/off switch for the ‘Authorize users assigned to this policy to access lookup’ tool. websiteaccesslookup1.jpg
  4. If you want to allow the users of that policy to allow Allow or Deny access to a website, toggle the on/off switch for ‘Authorize users assigned to the policy to approve sites’ field. 
  5. You can also specify the duration for which a website is allowed by specifying the minutes in the ‘Expire Temporarily Allowed Sites After’ field under Global Settings. admin_flow.00_01_24_22.Still002.png

Note that this feature is can be used only on school registered IPs. It cannot be enabled for guest network policy, take-home policy and Default policy.  

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