What's new in Securly Classroom 7.6?


Teacher Screen Share 
Teachers can now present to student devices by sharing their screen or an open application or browser tab. Teachers can choose to lock students into a screen share session or allow them to browse other tabs during the presentation. 


Note that this new feature will be rolled out to all accounts over the course of the next six weeks.  Keep an eye out for the new Share Screen button.


A brief demonstration of the Share Screen feature is available here.

Extension Name and Logo Update

The Chrome extension has been renamed to Securly Classroom and the logo has been updated from the TP logo to the new Securly logo.  This new look will appear everywhere the extension is used, including notifications in Chrome.

URL for Device Console

The URL for the Device Console will no longer be forwarded to ct.techpilotlabs.com, but will instead remain at https://deviceconsole.securly.com.  If you have bookmarks that point to the old forwarded domain, please update them to point to deviceconsole.securly.com instead.

OneRoster support for SIS sync

We have added yet another option for syncing roster data with Securly Classroom!  You can now sync directly with many popular student information systems such as Infinite Campus and PowerSchool that utilize OneRoster endpoints.  You can sync with multiple sources at the same time, so in addition to an OneRoster source, you can also continue to sync with Schoology, Canvas, Google Classroom, Classlink, and Clever.  You'll find the OneRoster sync settings on the Integrations tab in Settings.

Mix and Match Classes from Different Sync Sources

Previously, if multiple sync sources were configured in Securly Classroom, each teacher could only have classes in one or the other.  Now it's possible for teachers to have classes in multiple sync sources simultaneously.  So a teacher can, for example, have some classes in Google Classroom and others in Schoology with both set for automatic synchronization with Securly Classroom.

Student records are now available in the Users Area

Student records are created automatically once added to any class either manually, or through one of the sync sources.  Previously, authorized users could access a student record to review class history by locating the student in a class from the Classes area.  Now the student records are also available directly in the Users area, making it faster to find a student without having to search in a specific class to find them. Note that teachers will only see students who are on rosters for their own classes.  Technicians and location admins will only see students on rosters from classes in their own location (when location information is available).  Organization admins will see all students. 


Student Chat History from All Classes

With new student record access from the Users area (see above), it's now possible to review all student chat history for all previous class sessions in one place without the need to go to each individual class session history. Each chat session is available from the Chat history tab.

Choose any chat session to view the full transcript.


New Screen Lock and Block Screen

The design of the screen lock and "site blocked" screens have been updated.




  • Sometimes the teacher chat window would show student status indicators switching back and forth between green and orange even though the student was consistently online and the chat continued to function.
  • The option to "allow entire site" was not working when a site with dependencies was used.
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