What's new in Securly MDM 7.6




Device Console URL

The URL for Device Console will no longer forward to ct.techpilotlabs.com, but instead, will remain at http://deviceconsole.securly.com.  If you have bookmarks that point to the old forwarded domain, please update them to point to deviceconsole.securly.com instead.


ASM Class Nickname Support

We now read the "Class Nickname" field from ASM for classes where one is configured and use this as the Class Display Name in Securly MDM class listing and teachers tools.  This is also the name we push to the teacher device for Apple Classroom.


New DEP Skip keys

DEP Setup now has options for the following Setup Assistant screens

  • Restore Completed Pane for iOS/iPad OS 14+
  • Software Update Complete for iOS/iPad OS 14+
  • Welcome: get Started Pane for iOS/iPad OS 14+
  • Apple Pay for macOS

New Restrictions

  • Touch ID Unlock for macOS
  • Allow App Clips for iOS/iPadOS 14+
  • Allow Apple Personalized Advertising for iOS/iPadOS 14+

New Mac System Preferences Controls

  • Sidecar
  • Wallet
  • Screen time 

Other New Items

  • Option to disable MAC Address randomization in iOS/iPadOS 14+ is now available in network profiles on the WiFi configuration page
  • Device details for iOS/iPadOS now shows the eSIM Identifier if available
  • For iPads in Shared iPad Mode, the device details page will now show the estimated number of users that can use the Shared iPad device, according to the available space of the device and each user’s quota


  • When editing folders in screen layouts, sometimes the folder would change position on the home screen. 
  • Scheduled screen layouts were not always pushing out the correct profile 
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