How to use Web Links with iOS in Securly MDM?

The Web Links area allows users to create links to websites that will be used in various areas of Securly MDM. They are location-specific and can only be used in the same location where they were uploaded. To use a web link in another location, it must be created in the web link list for that location.

Administrators can control who has access to create Web Links by using the "Manage Web Links" setting in Organization/Settings/Permissions. Web Links can be accessed from the Location menu.

This article walks you through how to use Web Links with iOS. 

Securly Locker

Web Links can be made available on student devices in the Securly Locker app. To do this, open the Securly Locker app on your iPad and select the web links at the bottom. Use the Assign button to assign a link to a group, class, or device.  Once assigned, the link will appear in the Links section of Securly Locker.


Site Lock (from Teacher Tools)

Teachers can use Site Lock from Teacher Tools to automatically launch Safari on student iPads, restrict Safari to a single website or several websites selected from the list and lock the student into Safari, preventing them from using anything else on the iPad.  

Restrict Safari to a list of sites through the restriction profile

Web Links are available for the purpose of restricting students from browsing any site except those in a list.  To do this, choose a restricted profile to edit and do the following:

    1. Use the Profile Restrictions tab to enable the setting "Restrict web sites to profile links only." weblinks3.png  
    2. Use the Profile Web Links tab to add websites to the restriction profile. weblinks4.png
    3. Assign your profile to a group or class.

This is similar to selecting multiple sites in SIte Lock except that this method does not lock the student into Safari.  Instead, the student can use other apps on the iPad as normal but are just restricted to these sites when they open Safari. 

Students can access selected sites from Safari by going to Bookmarks/Allowed Sites.

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