How do I manage what OUs On-Call monitors?

You can enable On-Call monitoring services for specific OUs for both Filter and Aware. While you can choose any of the OUs you have for Filter, it is important to understand that On-Call monitoring for Aware events is only possible for those OUs for which Aware scanning is enabled in G Suite. (Check out this KB to learn how.) 

To manage OUs for On-Call

  1. Log in to Securly Aware and click on the On-Call or 24 menu on the left hand sidebar.
  2. Click on the Manage tab to manage org units.                                                                                    
  3. Select/Deselect the OUs you need to update On-Call monitoring for. 
  4. You can also toggle the button for Filter and/or Aware for each OU to specify which OUs should be monitored by On-Call.
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