What's new in Securly MDM 7.5


New for Mac

  • Activate Lock Management: It's now possible to clear the Activation Lock for a Mac device with macOS 10.15 or higher.  This will work for any device that's newly enrolled after this release.
  • New DEP Skip Options: There are now options to skip Setup Assistant options for Touch ID and Screen Time 
  • Mac Firmware Management: New functions are available for Mac for managing the firmware password.  It's now possible to set, verify, or clear the password via MDM.  These options are found on the Security tab of the Mac device details.
  • Enable or Disable Remote Desktop.  This can be done for a single device from Device Details or for multiple devices at once using the buttons at the top of the devices table.
  • Organizations can now upload their own APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) certificates rather than using the ones from Securly MDM.  Go to Settings > Apple to configure.

New for iOS

  • Manage shared iPad Guest Login: A new feature in iOS 13.4 and later allows a guest to login to use an iPad in Shared iPad mode.  This is enabled by default.  A new restriction is available to disable this guest mode option.
  • Manage eSIM activation: t's now possible to activate or change cellular service for iPads with eSIMs using the Refresh eSIM command.  There is a device group setting that can automatically activate devices when they are enrolled into the group, allowing for automatic activation during the enrollment and deployment process.  It's also possible to issue the command to one device at a time.
  • Lost iPad Notification: When an iPad that was placed into iOS Lost mode comes online and is detected by the system, an email notification will be sent to organization admins to alert them that the device has come online.
  • Organizations can now upload their own APN (Apple Push Notification) certificates rather than using the ones from Securly MDM.



  • App Installation Improvements: Improvements to app installation by skipping certain errors that would otherwise pause installation and require manual push
  • When deleting an iPad from from Device Console the MDM profile was no longer getting removed from the device automatically.  This has been fixed.
  • I was not possible to add location access when creating a new user, only after the user was saved.
  • When adding a new DEP account, it did not show in the table until the table was refreshed manually
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