How do I verify if school & district contact information for On call services is up-to-date?

You can check if the school and district contact information you submitted to Securly for use by the On call teams is up-to-date by checking the on call tab in the Securly admin portal. 

Once you have moved to the new Securly interface, information about school and district emergency contacts will be displayed to you upfront in the 24 tab. You can view the details for each of the contacts and edit them as well. 


As per OU information and parental information, you will need to download the CSV and verify the information. If there are any changes, update the CSV and upload it again. The updated information will be available to the on call teams as required. 


If you are using an older version of the Securly interface, district-level emergency contacts will be displayed to you upfront in the on call tab. You can edit the information and add more contacts if required. 


Similar to the new interface, the OU level contacts and parent information can be verified by downloading the CSV from the admin portal. You can update the CSVs and upload them again.


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