How to use the search functionality for user reports?


User activity reports allow you to understand how the students spend their time online, where their educational interests lie, the videos they watch, etc. With Securly’s commitment to student safety, we provide a granular view of the user activity and allow you to filter and download them as required.   

Our search functionality not only supports exact match searches, but you can also input any keyword or a wildcard-like entry and a comprehensive list of search results will be displayed to you. This includes a list of all sites and keywords. However, if a user’s name includes the word you search, it will not be displayed in the search results. This is true for both blocked as well as accessed sites.

Search types

A. User Search

Search for any user by complete or partial email address. The search entry need not contain an @.

B. Site Search

Enter a part or all of a domain name. For example:, Facebook

C. Keyword Search

Enter partial or all of a keyword. For example: Kardashian, Prox (for proxy and proxies)

D. You can also add additional filters for Categories, Policy or Date range.

F. To clear all fields click the 'Clear All' to the right of the date selector.


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