How to track activities in the admin audit log?


The admin audit log* allows school IT admins to keep a detailed track of the various configuration and setting changes that happen in the Securly portal.** This assumes importance because the Securly portal is accessible to multiple members of the staff, teachers, counselors, and other people the IT admin deems necessary. These users can make changes to settings or allow/deny sites depending upon their access levels.

The admin audit log is available only to the super admin or the primary admin, delegated reporting group members cannot view this log.

To track activities in the admin audit log:

  1. Log in to your Securly admin console.
  2. Navigate to the top right corner and select 'Audit Logs' from the dropdown. auditlog.jpg
  3. You will be displayed a page with details of all the activities undertaken by anyone with access to Securly.
  4. You can search the log by keyword, and filter it by product or user. To filter by product or user simply click the appropriate name in the log. 
  5. You can also view activities for a specific duration by clicking the date stamp on the upper right hand of the log. It is possible to view up to a month’s activity at any time. auditlog1.jpg

 *Note that this feature can only be enabled by contacting Securly Support at

**Note that the admin audit log does not track activities for tools external to Securly such as your G Suite account.

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