How do I clone a policy?


The Securly admin portal allows you to clone any of the custom filtering policies in two easy steps. Simply log in to your Securly admin portal and navigate to the policy you want to clone in the ‘Policy Editor’ tab. Click the three dots in the corner and select ‘Clone Policy’. 

You will be prompted to select if the new policy is a ‘Custom Policy’ or an ‘IP Policy’ and provide a unique name for the new policy. (Read our article about the different types of policies to learn more.) 


A new policy with the exact same configurations for ‘Settings’, ‘Categories’ and ‘Block’ will be created. All entries in your allow list or block list will also be copied over into the newly cloned policy. You can now assign this policy to OUs and Custom Groups as required. 

Note that you can clone only custom and IP policies, including the Take Home Policy. The Default Policy and Guest Network Policy cannot be cloned.  

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