How do I assign OUs to policies?

The Securly Web Filtering Solution allows you to create customized policies for various groups of users in your school. Once you create a policy, you need to assign individual OUs to it to begin filtering users in that OU as per policy.

Note that when you move your G Suite OUs to Securly they are automatically assigned to the Default Policy.

Assigning OUs to policies:

  1. Log into Securly Filter.
  2. Navigate to the "Policy Map" and select the OUs you want to assign to a specific policy.
  3.  Click on the 'Apply Policy' 

  4. Then under 'Apply policy' select default or any policy option.

  5. The assigned OUs will start displaying the name of the policy.
  6. You can move OUs from other policies in a similar manner by selecting a specific policy from the drop-down and following the steps above. 
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