Completely remove an iPad from Securly MDM


To completely remove an iPad from the Securly MDM so that it never comes back:

  1.  Log in to the ASM account and go to Device assignments and Unassign the iPad from the MDM Server associated with Securly MDM.ASM.png

  2. Log in to the Device Console and go to Organization > Devices > click on the name of the Device Group > put a check next to the device that you want to remove > select the blue Erase Device button at the top of the table.

    1. select the option to remove activation lock

    2. select the option to remove from the Device console

    3. ERASEDC.png

  3. If you cannot do #2 then just select the blue Delete button at the top of the table and manually factory reset the iPad.DC2.png

Now the iPad is released form both ASM and the Securly MDM.

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