What's New in Securly Classroom 7.3?


Notification Sounds for Chat and Hand Raise.
Notification sounds are now available to alert teachers to an incoming Chat or Hand Raise from students.  This can be enabled or disabled by each teacher from the new settings under "My Account".  This is particularly helpful for remote teaching when teachers are available for students to "check in" for help during a given time frame.

Notification Sound When Students Enter Class. 
A "doorbell" alert sound can now be enabled to notify a teacher when a student's device comes online while a class session is running.  This also helps with remote class sessions where students can drop-in at various times throughout the day.  Teachers can enable this from "My Account".

Chat Panel Automatically Opens for Students. 
The Chat panel will now automatically open on a student device when the teacher sends a message, rather than just displaying the closing chat bubble icon.  This makes it easier to get the student's attention.

Larger Image for Student Screen View.
The size of the image in Device View is now larger, making it easier to offer remote help to students. The system now requests a new image from the student device about once every 4 seconds instead of 8.

Faster Refresh on Student Screenshots.  

The refresh rate for gathering new images in a detailed view has been increased.  You may see the speed of screen updates increase by as much as 2X or every 4 seconds, although it may vary based on various Internet, network, and device factors.  This should provide a better experience, particularly for remote learning when providing assistance to students.

Class Summary Email to Multiple Teachers. 
For classes with more than one teacher, the Class Session Summary email now goes to all teachers instead of just the one who created the class. (Thanks to Kirk S. at Emmanuel Lutheran for the tip!)

Student Notice Before Closing All Tabs. 
The "Close all tabs when class starts" function can now provide a warning to the student for X minutes before it takes effect where the teacher can choose how many minutes.


  • When viewing a detailed screen view for student devices, the image would often disappear for a moment while a new image was loading, making it appear as a "flicker."  This has been fixed.
  • The +5 minute button did not always work for adding five minutes to a class.


  • The device notes field (sometimes used for device names) no longer displays next to each device in thumbnail view.  This removes clutter from the screen.  The information is still available in the detailed view for the student.
  • Location Admins were not able to view all Google Classroom Classes because they were treated like a teacher ID that only sees their own. Now they are treated like Organization Admins where all classes will be shown.
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