What's New in ChromeTools/Classroom 7.2



  • A new option is available when starting a class to force close all open tabs on student devices.  This is useful in preventing students from accessing sites during class that were already opened before they entered the classroom for sites that are on the teacher's custom block list.  Since the block list can only prevent new tabs from opening for those sites, students could still access sites that were already opened.
    This setting is also available as an option for scheduled class sessions.
    Thanks to Red Clay Consolidated School District for the suggestion!

  • When using Site Lock the teacher's setting for Force Close All Other Tabs, Limit Max Tabs and Allow Entire Site will be remembered for the teacher so that they don't have to select them again the next time they start a class. 
    Thanks to Red Clay Consolidated School District for the suggestion!
  • There is now an option to disable the notification on student devices when classes start or stop.
    The setting can be found in Settings > System


  • Sometimes devices would not release from locks after a class ended. 
  • When adding students to classes by browsing Google Directory, sometimes the message "failed to access data" would appear and the list would fail to populate if the selected OU had hundreds of students.  Now the system will prompt to use the search box or select another OU if there are more than 200 results.
  • Some web sites that display tables, such as the list of email messages in Gmail, would lose proper formatting if accessed while running Classroom.
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