How to deploy two SSL certificates with JAMF MDM?

As an IT admin, you may need to install multiple trusted certificates for multiple reasons. Maybe you are using another content filter and you want to test Securly. Or maybe Securly is cutting over to a new certificate and you need both to prepare the device for the change and prevent internet connectivity issues. 

  1. Shown in the image below is a payload containing an existing certificate. 
  2. To add a certificate to this payload, click the ‘+’ icon. twossl_new.jpg
  3. Scroll down to the new certificate prompt and upload the second certificate as usual. twossl_5.png

After following these steps, your device will now trust both certificates- the certificate that was in the original payload and the certificate you added. You can come back to this payload and delete a certificate if you need to, but leaving unused certificates on the device will not cause any issues. 

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