How do I turn on self-harm notifications for Filter?

Securly lets you choose if you want to receive email notifications for all Flagged activities detected by it. These are the activities that are logged under the “Flagged” tab in your Securly admin portal and marked flagged because they indicate signs of self-harm, grief, or even suicide in the user. The activities listed here include:

  1. Flagged keyword searches on search engines, Wikipedia, and YouTube.
  2. Flagged sentiments from posts on Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Flagged websites visited.  

To enable self-harm notifications, navigate to the “Policy Editor > Global Settings” in your Securly admin portal and toggle the button for the “Self-harm notification” field. 

Note that if you disable the Filter Notifications from your “Account Settings” page, you will not receive any self-harm notifications as well. 

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