What's New in Securly MDM 7.0.2



  • Uploading small student photos that were less than 250 pixels wide would fail with no warning.  We now provide a warning message.

  • It's now possible to block the iOS apps for Shortcuts and Find My by adding them to the iOS Blocked Apps list. They now appear in the  Standard apps list. 


    Alternately, they can be blocked by adding to the list by their Bundle ID. Find My = com.apple.findmy, Shortcuts = com.apple.shortcuts.  

  • There is now a link to login to Device Console on the Securly web site. From securly.com click Login, then choose Device Console.


  • A bug prevented us from retaining the token that allows teachers to clear the passcode on student devices if the device upgraded to iOS 13 prior to November 4, 2019. It will not be possible to clear the passcode on these devices unless they are re-enrolled in MDM again.  For devices in this state, we now disable the "Clear Passcode" button in teacher tools when such a device is selected and display a message when hovering over the button that reads "We cannot clear the passcode because we don't have an unlock token on file. We can store it again when the devie is removed and reenrolled into MDM" mceclip0.png

  • Manually-created classes were no longer being sent to teacher devices for use along with ASM classes in the Apple Classroom app.  We resolved this and now the combined list of classes should be available to the teacher.
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