What's New in Securly Classroom (Chrometools) 7.0.2?



  • There is now a link to login to the Device Console on the Securly website. From securly.com click Login, then choose Device Console. device_console.png

  • When unlinking Google Classroom, Schoology, or Canvas for roster sync, you will now be warned that classes created as a result of the sync will also be deleted from the system if they don't have a class session history (they will get created again if relinked).  You will also be prompted with the option to delete the ones with history too.

  • Google Classroom Sync does not sync classes that are marked as "archived" and will delete archived classes from Chrometools.  With this release, we will not delete them if they have any class session history so that they can continue to be accessed for historical purposes.

  • Canvas sync will now exclude classes with a "complete" status. When sync encounters a course that changes to "complete" it will delete the class unless it has a class history, in which case it will be retained so that history can be accessed.

  • Canvas Class Sections: Prior to this release, we did not support Canvas courses that had multiple sections. The system would combine all sections into a single class.  With this release, each section will be created as a class.  The name of the class will be the course name appended with the section name.

  • Delete retained classes:  Because of the new feature that will retain synced classes that have session history, even after they are completed or archived in Canvas, Schoology, or Google Classroom, we have added the ability to delete these classes manually at a later time. To delete a class, use the new checkbox that appears next to each class in the class list, then use the new deletes button at the top. Note that if the class is still active in the LMS it will be added back automatically on the next sync.

  • When new versions of the Chrome extension are released, Google doesn't always do a great job of pushing it out automatically.  We now have our service running a periodic check on Chromebooks and are attempting to force push the extension update to help all devices get updated faster.

  • The system can now detect when a student is online but has not yet opened a browser on their Chromebook.  Previously, some teachers would think that the system was not properly showing student screens in this case.  We now display the text "Device Online, Browser Not Opened" in both thumbnail view and tab view when this is detected. device_online.png
  • When switching from Thumbnail View to Tab View, the list of tabs that open on each device will populate faster.

  • When pinning or unpinning a student from the list, the screen will no longer require a refreshed thumbnail or tabs list before displaying all devices again, resulting in a smoother experience during the pin and unpin operations


  • In some instances, class sessions would not always stop on all devices, particularly if the student closed the lid of the device prior to the end of class, in which case it would not receive the "end class" command when reopened.  
  • Sometimes teachers will not get an email with the class summary. 
  • When time zone settings changed, scheduled classes remained on the old-time zone schedule.  
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