How do confidence levels work?

The confidence level is an indicator of the probability of a suspicious event belonging to a particular category. Our sentiment analysis engine categorizes events in grief, bullying, and violence. The higher the confidence level, the higher the probability of the event belonging to the identified category. Please note that the confidence level and urgency of the alert is not related. A higher confidence level should not be interpreted to mean a higher level of urgency of the alert.   

The content in emails and Google Docs analyzed by our AI engines is rarely straightforward. Students can express a myriad of emotions through a single document which can confuse even the best of engines. However, we pass all content through different engines that can identify if the content is grief, bullying, or violence and then provide you with the categorization which presents maximum confidence. For example, if a particular email about locker room problems includes the student talking about the actual incident in detail with consequential emotions the student feels, our engines will analyze how much bullying and grief content is present in that email and then categorize it as the one with the highest number. This ensures that even the grayest of email and GDocs content is thoroughly analyzed and flagged for you to act upon.  

Confidence level bands

When you have displayed the confidence level for a particular event, it means that our engines are x% confident about their categorization between the three. 

  • Confidence level 1 = 0-60% 

For example: “well u need to talk about it sometimes, im not say u HAVE to but it will help your mental health, if u want u can talk to me about it, last year i would let people talk to me about how people felt”. Category: grief

  • Confidence level 2 = 60 -70% 

For example: "I don't know yet and i do not know what to do with my life is bum" Category: Grief


  • Confidence level 3 = 70 -80%


For example: “am i in a abusive relationship” Category: Grief


  • Confidence level 4 = 80-90% 


For example: I have a story to tell about bullying. My family and I had barely moved to Planada, Merced; a small town two hours away from Monterey. I was excited, if only I knew what was going to happen to me. The fear I felt. The trauma it caused me.* Now i feel the need to act tough and mean and that isn’t me. It is just an act to have people either be afraid of me or not to mess with me. Doing so has cost me friendships, not telling or showing people that are important to me.* I keep everything to myself, I don’t talk about my problems or my emotions. I don’y like crying because it makes me feel weak* At some point each time someone raised there hand to give me a high five i would cover my head and duck because i thought they were going to hit me* It still affects me today because I don’t want to show me the real me because i got so used to the toughness act”. Category: Grief


  • Confidence level 5 = 90-100%


For example: “Ive never have had so much pain in my life i just want u back thats all and it hurts so fucking bad but im fight”. Category: Grief

Note that the confidence level does not impact what activities are flagged by our AI engines. It is a tool to be used as a reference point when determining your threshold level for receiving Aware+ email alerts. 

Read more about setting up email alerts based on the confidence levels.


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