How long does it take for a new filtering policy to be applied to users after their OUs are updated?

Changes to the filtering policy should be reflected immediately in the case of DNS users after dynamic OU import. If you move students from one OU to another or remove them from your OU structure completely, the updated policy will be applied immediately after the dynamic OU import is complete. 

Note that removing students from the OU structure will lead to the default policy being applied to them.

If you add, remove, or rename an OU, you will have to manually import OUs from G Suite to Securly. Changes to the policy will be applicable immediately once the import is complete.

Chrome extension users should expect a 30-minute delay for the changes to be reflected.

If you do not find the updated OU information and policy assignment reflected in your Securly portal within 24 hours, please run a manual OU import to reconnect Securly with your G Suite account.

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