What's New in ChromeTools 7.01?


New Features

The "Active Sessions" tab now has a checkbox for "All locations" to allow a list of all active sessions to be shown in the table.


  • The date selection field has been removed from the "Start Class" option as classes cannot span multiple days.
  • The class summary sent via email and the class summary tab now shows the count for each function (screen lock, web lock, etc.) only once for each time the function was performed rather than by the number of devices that received the command.


  • The Save Screenshot function to save student screens was not working.
  • The parent Portal site lock was not working.
  • "Device View" will show an old screen image from the device from the previous session when first opened until the first new image is received.
  • Custom blocklists do not always apply during class.
  • The Chrome extension does not update the server with its new IP address if the lid is closed and opened rather than logout/login causing the system to sometimes incorrectly identify the device as being inside or outside the school's IP range.
  • Class stops were not always being sent for classes that were started via the schedule.
  • User lockout after multiple failed login attempts was not working properly.
  • Students excluded from a class would sometimes show text indicating they were in another class.
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