What's New in MDM 7.01?


New Features

  • Network profiles for iOS, macOS, and tvOS now support WPA3.  WPA3.png 
  • New iOS restrictions for iOS 13 are now available. This can be found on the restriction profiles tab:
    • Find my Friends
    • Find my iPhone
    • Allow QuickPath keyboard
    • Force Wifi Power On (prevents Wifi from being turned off, even via airplane mode)
  • New tvOS restrictions. This can be found on the restrictions profile tab for tvOS:
    • Allow device sleep
    • Set delay for OS updates
    • Set media restrictions

Bug Fixes

  • Renaming devices would often revert to the old name.
  • Screen layouts for iPads would sometimes appear with home screens out of order.
  • Account lockout after 3 failed login attempts did not always work.
  • Devices will get the text "iPad" plus the serial number added to the device name after an OS update.
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