Why should I register my IPs with Securly?

It is very important that Securly knows what Public IP Addresses should be associated with your account to ensure that your users receive the filtering policy you customize for them. We do our best to automatically detect which IP Addresses your school internet traffic comes from, but that might not always be complete. If you own more than one Public IP Address and did not go through a formal evaluation with a Sales Engineer, it is highly recommended that you email support@securly.com with a list of what IP Addresses should be associated with your account.

If you do not register one or more of your Public IP Addresses with Securly and in-school internet traffic comes from one of them, your students will get either the Default policy of the Take-Home policy. The Take-Home policy is a type of customized policy that you can create to be applied specifically when students carry their school-owned devices home. (To learn more about the different types of policies, click here.)

Additionally, if you have multiple internal DNS servers and one has traffic coming out of a registered IP and the other an unregistered IP, then you will experience split DNS. It is very likely that end-users will experience SSL Certificate errors on sites they shouldn't.

If your IP Address changes or you add additional IP's, or a secondary internet connection. Please submit a support ticket with that information to support@securly.com to have your account updated.

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