How to deploy DNS on your Windows Server?


The Securly DNS deployment on your Windows server requires you to forward your DNS to Securly. To do this:

  1. Navigate to Start> DNS Manager DNSinstallwindowsstep1.png
  2. Expand out the DNS options
  3. Right-click the DNS server name and select “Properties” DNSinstallwindowsserverstep3.png 
  4. Select “Forwarders.” Make sure to deselect the checkbox for ‘Use root hints if no forwarders are available’. On the off chance that our DNS servers are unreachable this setting will help you ensure that users get unfiltered internet access. DNSinstallwindowserverstep4.png
  5. Select “Edit”
  6. Now enter your applicable DNS server provided to you by your Sales Engineer. DNSinstallwindowsserverstep6.png
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