How to set Google Admin to force load the ChromeTools extension for students?


ChromeTools runs as a Chrome extension when students log in with their school-issued email address. You can configure this extension and push it out to all students from your Google Admin console.

  1. The App ID and URL for the Chrome extension can be found in Device Console on the “Google” tab under “Settings.” You will need to copy and paste these values into the Google Admin console in steps 5 and 6.  Chrometools1.jpgNote: Be sure to use the values for the Chrometools extension and NOT the ones for the Lost Mode Kiosk.
  2. Navigate to  Device management > Chrome management in your G Suite admin console from the main menu.         Chrometools2.jpg
  3. Select "Apps & extensions" Chrometools3.jpg
  4. Click the + button in the lower right corner and then select the button to add a Chrome app or extension by ID. Chrometools4.jpg
  5. Copy the value for Extension ID from Device Console. 
  6. Next, choose the option "From a custom URL" and copy the URL from Device Console in that field. Click “Save.” Chrometools5.jpg
  7. The extension should now appear in the list set for "Allow install."
  8. Select the OU, you want to install the extension for, from the left-hand column. Usually, this will be the highest level OU that contains your student accounts.  All sub-OUs belonging to the selected OU will also receive the extension by inheritance. Remember that if you install the extension at the root of your domain, it will be pushed out to all users, not just students. Chrometools6.jpg
  9. Now that you've selected the student OU, find the extension from the list and change the setting from "Allow install" to "Force install." 


The OU is now configured to force install the ChromeTools extension for all users when they log in. 

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