What information will be accessible to Delegated Reporting Groups users?

Delegating Reporting Groups is a great way to delegate the monitoring of flagged and blocked activities to staff members, teachers, counselors, etc. You can assign specific OUs to these groups for monitoring as well. 

All Delegated Reporting Group users for Filter are given their own Securly credentials and access to the Reports tab by default. The Reports tab will display activities only for OUs assigned to that group. They can download activity reports from this tab. Only Auditor users or those who have not signed up for Securly’s Filter solution, will not be displayed in the Reports tab. Only the Auditor tab will be available if selected. 

You can choose to give them access to the Flagged activities tab for Filter. The Auditor's tab is also available if you are an Auditor+ user. Depending upon which option you choose, the Delegated Reporting Group users will be displayed on the Flagged tab and the Auditor tab as well.  

You can choose to stop displaying any of the tabs except the Reports tab by deselecting the relevant checkbox from the Configurations tab for a Delegated Reporting Group. 


It is also possible to create Custom Email Alerts. Click here to learn how. 


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