What's New in MDM 7.0?



  • ChromeTools 7.0 introduces a new look to reflect Securly branding.  All menus and functions remain the same, with only colors and menu icons changing.

  • TechPilot Control Tower is now Securly Device Console.

  • The URL is now deviceconsole.securly.com.  The old URL for ct.techpilotlabs.com will be forwarded to the new one.

  • Locker and Teacher Tools have been rebranded for Securly. The app should be updated in the iOS and Mac App Store on the same day that SchoolMDM 7.0 is released.

New Features

Support has been added for WAP2 Enterprise and Trusted Certificates in Network Profiles.



  • Selecting a class from Users > Apple School Manager would produce an error.
  • In some cases, saving a restriction profile would produce an error.
  • Booking installation for iBooks will occasionally fail with no error message.
  • Uploaded Mac package apps will not show up in the location apps list in all cases.
  • Unable to add a Mac restriction profile kernel extension.
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